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Have a Heart…for Yourself!

Valentine’s Day marks the day when couples often exchange chocolates and flowers, go out to nice restaurants and appreciate some quality time with each other. But what if you’re not in a relationship? It may seem expensive, corny or straight-up unnecessary, but I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a great opportunity to show ourselves some compassion, regardless of relationship status.

We often get stuck—whether in busy schedules or in self-criticism—and forget to take time to reflect on and be proud of who we are and what we’ve accomplished. You may not be at a point where you’re always content with yourself, but you still deserve love.

You deserve love if you just failed a test. You deserve love if you were just broken up with. You deserve love if you don’t meet society’s impossible standards. You deserve love, period!

Showing yourself compassion may be difficult at first, but it’s been proven to be good for you. It helps lead to more confidence and joy and less self-doubt and anxiety.

Here’s how you can take some time to be your own Valentine and appreciate your own company this February 14th!

Give Yourself a Valentine

It may seem weird, but write yourself a card, including some things you like about yourself. You are the most important person in your life, so write yourself that letter!

Bonus points for cheesy puns. Animal lover? Q: What do porcupines say when they kiss? A: Ouch! Avocado lover? You guac my world.

You get the idea…

Treat Yourself

Forget receiving flowers and candy from someone else. Whether getting a box of chocolates, going to the movies or taking yourself to a yummy dinner, it’s always fun to treat yourself. Even better, you can get the festive treats at a discount the next day!

Do What You Love

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not do something you love? It can be anything, big or small—whether that be painting, exercising or watching a favorite TV show. I love spending time in nature, so you bet I’m going on a long walk with my dog!

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Even if you’re not in a relationship, you can always spend quality time with your family and friends on Valentine’s Day. I enjoy having a Galentine’s Day with my friends, baking desserts and exchanging cute valentines to celebrate our friendship.


Remember, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun. No pressure to do anything extravagant, just show up for yourself and enjoy being your own best friend!

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